Tuesday, June 26, 2012


On Sunday, Clare was competing in an Ironman competition in Nice, France. During the cycling course she was hit by an ambulance that was en route to an injured volunteer. Clare is currently in the hospital with a broken pelvis, a collapsed lung, and head trauma. They have induced her into a coma to try to prevent, or minimize brain damage. We won't have anymore information about her condition until she wakes up from the coma. Clare's parents and Wes, her husband, are currently with her.

Thank you for supporting Clare during her recovery process. Many of you have asked how to support them financially as they incur unexpected costs related to their change of plans (hotel, airfare, food, long distance charges, boarding care for their cat, etc).

They have not asked for support, but everyone's desire to help has been overwhelming. If you feel so inclined, please feel free to use the "Chip In!" link below to transfer them money via Paypal (click the yellow "Chip In!" box). A fee will be deducted if you pay by credit card, but there will be no fee if you use your bank account directly. (If you have not used paypal before, know that it is a secure payment system that is used by ebay and other large scale transaction centers for purchases, as well as for what we are doing.) Chip In! was recommended by you all as the best way to donate to individuals. As their needs evolve, we will evaluate this system.

Any remaining funds that are left after this unexpected change of plans will be donated to charity (likely the Children's Cancer Fund of Dallas, which is what Clare was doing the Ironman to raise funds for initially). Thank you very much for supporting my nearest and dearest.


  1. For some reason this isn't updating on the "temperature gauge" ... $375 has been donated so far thanks to Chad Ritchie, Sarah Peck, and Lydia Ulrich. I will try to sort it out.

    Please post questions in the comment section and the community can help sort out technical items for each other.

  2. Get well soon Clare! we love you

  3. Bolles Swimmers have you in our thoughts coach!

  4. Just want to make sure you got my contribution ok as the site is not updating - $1000 yesterday

    All our love and Prayers

    The Cains