Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chip in

Some technical shortcomings with Chip In ... It is not visible on iPad or smartphone and is slow to track donation progress on the gauge. It is working though - $3,735.... I will keep updating on progress. Thank you to our pioneers, Chad Ritchie, Lydia Ulrich, Brandon Jenkins, Dylan Judy, and Sarah Peck. And Jennifer Bromley ... And Dave Vaala ... And Cindy Crawford ... And Anne Bromley ...And Robert Cherneski, Chris Chaten, Nick Chester, Joseph Parini, David Michaels, Sophie Hill, Kevin Shelver, Jason Biga, Kristi Devens, Ryan Shultz, and Lydia Gallegos ... And Allen Vaala, Jeryl Hayes, Carrie Evans, Mary Lynn Hamilton Doyle, Brian Williams, Katharine McKenna, Alison Lee ... Joe White, Jeffrey Gallegos, Lindsey Vaala, Avalon Hill ... Lauren Neidigh, Marcos Lopez Miro, Stephen Cain, Mandi Milks-Johnson, Eileen Kitchen, Mollie Craven, Martha Gallegos ...

Please Post in the comments section if you are having technical issues and we will work to resolve, but there don't seem to be any issues on the actual contribution piece. Also, if you know of a fundraiser tool besides Chip In that works for individuals rather than non-profits, let me know via "comments" tool below... Chip In was one of the few to choose from, but the funds are coming through.

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